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Duane Marggraf
January 27, 1945 - June 8, 1967

DUANE MARGGRAF  January 27, 1945 - June 8, 1967

Duane was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and lived most of his life there. His parents were Carlton and Esther Marggraf. He was their third child and only son. His two older sisters are Virginia (Ginny) Hoffman and Lorna Stopper.

During his elementary days, he enjoyed biking, Little League Baseball, Cub Scouts, Indian Guides, soccer, fishing and just about anything that boys get into. He liked to have fun.

He began trombone lessons in 6th grade and continued into junior high school with the band. His 6th grade music teacher turned out to be a very important person in his life. But Mr. Moely left teaching for the Navy and junior high band became less important. He got into football and might have continued in that direction in high school but luckily Mr. Moely came back to Fond du Lac after the Navy and the band again took on renewed importance. He had a lot of respect for the band director and the Navy began to become a real career option.

Earning money also became a concern in his young years and he found that being a caddy at the local country club was a rather lucrative business. He worked in a gas station in his later teen years.

He was able to get a car and worked hard at keeping it running and that was a major concern in order to keep up with a normal teenage social life.

It was during his 7th grade year that his sister, Ginny, married Bill Hoffman. Bill was in the Navy and happened to be a communications technician. Bill also had a major influence on Duane regarding joining the Navy. They discussed it at great length.

Duane graduated from L. P. Goodrich High School in Fond du Lac in 1963 and joined the Navy as a communications technician in 1964. His plans were to marry Jane Casper and to go to college and major in music and math.

Among his hometown friends he was known as a true friend. He was always there when needed. Cheerful and caring are a way to describe him.


CT3 Duane Rowe Marggraf, USN, 773 96 50
Born 27 January 1945, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Active duty since 6 July 1964
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Carlton H. Marggraf, Fond du Lac, WI
Died in Naval Security Group (intelligence) Department spaces 
Remembrance: Brass Marker initially installed at Lakeside Park,
Fon du Lac, in the 1980s, later vanished to storage in the basement
of a city building. Following protests from local citizens, it was
placed on a wall in the Fon du Lac Court House.