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John Spicher
February 15, 1937 - June 8, 1967

JOHN SPICHER -- 1937 - 1967

There was a very happy day in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania. The date...February 15, 1937. The day began normally for John and Marion Spicher but a special event would forever etch this date in history. Their son, John, was born and he fulfilled their dreams.

John attended St. Joseph's school in Natrona, PA, and was given the nickname Butch. This was a fond acknowledgment of a gentle giant who liked to fish. He was a great cook to boot and baking was his specialty. He also enjoyed auto mechanics and was known to take his car apart and put it back together, just for fun. His reputation was known throughout the community and the name, John Spicher, was recognized by all.

In 1954, at age 18, John joined the Navy and served proudly for four years until his discharge in 1957 when he joined the civilian ranks. It was nice to have Butch at home, his mom recalls, but itchy feet prompted him to re-enlist in the Navy in 1961. He was a postal clerk and earned a second nickname, "PC," during his second enlistment. PC loved his job and usually worked at the local post office in Brackenridge when home on leave during the holidays.

In 1963, PC married the former Linda Mayberry who hailed from Texas. His love of the Navy prompted him to re-enlist in 1965 for six more years. His son, Frank, was born in 1965. Frank, wife Sharon and their children live in Savage, Maryland.

PC came from a Navy family. His father, John Spicher, Sr. was a Sea Bee and served during WWII from 1943 through 1945. His uncle Frank Russell served on the USS Rowan and was lost at sea in 1943. His brother was also in the Navy for four years.

Frank Spicher doesn't remember his father because he was only two years old when his dad was killed senselessly . PC was a loving father and his son missed so much by not knowing him.

PC lived a short, good life and we sadly miss him every day.


PC2 John Clarence Spicher, USN, 473 41 77
Born 15 Febuary 1937, Terentum, Pennsylvania
Active duty since 23 September 1954
Wife: Linda Lee Spicher
7901 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, Virginia
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. John E. Spicher, Brackenridge, PA
Hit with rocket on main deck, died receiving emergency aid
Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Grave #11362D, Section 13