Honor Liberty Veterans

Robert Burton Eisenberg
October 12, 1944 - June 8, 1967

ROBERT BURTON EISENBERG  October 12, 1944 - June 8, 1967

Bob Eisenberg and his best friend, Ted Plante, enlisted in the Navy together in February, 1964, about 18 months after graduation from high school. After boot camp together, Bob went to CT school and Ted went to ET school.

The two stayed in frequent touch and coordinated leave together just before Bob's assignment to USS Liberty. During that leave, Bob bought his dream car, a 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix convertible and the two double-dated until they returned to their respective duty stations. Bob promised to return one day for his best friend's wedding. Liberty sailed from Norfolk on her last deployment May 2, 1967.

Ted received his last letter from Bob postmarked May 21. The next he heard that USS Liberty had been attacked. Soon after that he learned that Bob had died in the attack.At the request of Bob's parents, Ted returned to their home in St. Paul, Minnesota, to serve as a pall bearer. Then, he flew to Norfolk to pick up Bob's car and drive it back to St. Paul.Bob is buried near his parents in a Jewish cemetery east of St. Paul.


CT2 Robert Burton Eisenberg, USN, 776 09 35
Born 12 October 1944, St. Paul, Minnesota
Active duty since 3 February 1964
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Benj. Eisenberg, St. Paul, MN
Died in Naval Security Group (intelligence) Department spaces